Research Faculty Summit

In an ideal world, there would be infinite computing resources. These resources would be free and sustainable, with no impact on the future of our planet. They would run services that would be accessible anytime and everywhere with zero latency and 100 percent uptime. In this vision of the ideal, we all would be able to protect the confidentiality of the data against the strongest possible attacks. These resources would support a variety of best-of-breed devices to meet every application and situation. Using these resources would be seamless and available to every person and organization on the planet.

Alas, we do not live in an ideal world and never will, though we are making progress. The cloud has created an environment of abundant computational resources. The edge has helped reduce latency and given us options to implement different security models. Mixed reality technology is making the integration of modern information technology into the real world more seamless. Under the covers, we are leveraging AI, algorithms, network technology, data management systems, and a variety of software engineering and program methodologies to continuously improve the overall system and make it ever-more adaptive.

The Research Faculty Summit 2018 will bring together leaders and researchers from the broad systems research area in computer science. The summit will present the latest information and results from Microsoft product and research groups. Faculty Summit attendees will have a front row seat to hear, share and discuss the current state of the art, issues, and ideas so that we can all push together to move the frontier toward an ideal world of computing.