Join us at our flagship technology event, Reuters MOMENTUM (Oct 27-29), to impact lives through innovation, and futureproof your business.

After a period of intense disruption, the ‘next normal‘ presents an incredible opportunity. If we seize on the demand for social and technological change, we can reimagine and achieve a healthier, happier, more equitable and sustainable future for all.

As we look ahead, there are even greater challenges for society to overcome. The vital social, economic, environmental and ethical challenges we face are intimidating. They are undeniably complex, yet if we meet them head-on with tech-driven ambition, we can not only transform all our daily lives for the better but safeguard our interests and futureproof our business models against coming disruption.

There are incredible lessons to be learned, and Reuters MOMENTUM is thrilled to be working with leading tech innovators and pioneers from across business, government, NGOs, the voluntary sector and common interest groups. We’ve enlisted them to bring you stories of their successes, failures and to reveal the insights you need to embrace impactful technological change right now.

No one can afford to be a bystander, so will you join us or risk falling behind?