RSA Conference San Francisco 2017

Dr. Allan Friedman, Josh Corman, Michael McNeil, Scott Erven

When the Security Risk is Truly Life or Death

Feb 2017

Four expert panelists discuss how federal policies help or hinder cybersecurity in major industries—including healthcare, medical device manufacturers and transportation. The stakes are as high. And can be as severe as patient safety and even loss of life. Scott Erven underscores the risk when safety-critical industries are not protected or supported with proper cybersecurity protocols.

IoT devices can be vulnerable to malware, hacking and malicious behavior. When these products aren’t designed with patching or updating in mind, it increases the likelihood of the product remaining vulnerable.

Dr. Allan Friedman

Director of Cybersecurity

Allan Friedman is Director of Cybersecurity at National Telecommunications and...

Josh Corman


Joshua Corman is Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative for the Atlantic Council....

Michael McNeil

Global Product Security and Services Officer

Michael C. McNeil is the current Global Product Security and Services Officer for...

Scott Erven

Managing Director

Scott Erven is a Sr. Managing Director with PwC's Healthcare Cybersecurity Advisory...


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