Saar Szekely

VP of Product at feelter

A Jaffa based performance artist, algorithm developer, situation researcher and entrepreneur, born 1984.

For the past 8 years I’ve been playing around the edges of art events, politics and technology to explore complex situations and social experiments.

A long-time member of the group Public Movement, I’ve taken part in all its actions in 2007-2012, has been the research co-ordinator to some of them, and a leader to its 24-hours action CIVIL FAST in 2012 and CROSS SECTION in Kiev 2014.

As an independent artist I’ve created and developed the social experiment THE LOTTERY together with Keren Sheffi, the 24-hour solo performance piece REALITY LAYER, and the 30-minutes CORPOREALTIME.

I currently hold the position of VP R&D in FEELTER, a startup which aims at changing the way shopping decision are made.

My responsibilities within the organization include: feelter improves sales and UX for e-commerce websites, by enhancing them with highly curated social content next to each product.

As part of my role in the company I’m:
* Meeting with strategic clients/partners to maximize feelter’s potential in supporting their efforts
* Defining the guidelines for product development and creating new solutions
* Shaping feelter’s long-term product strategy
* Pushing innovation both in the company and outside
* Drive everyone else crazy at times, and making sure they won’t go crazy at others.