Savant eCommerce London

We are thrilled to present the 5th edition of Savant eCommerce London: A unique event where top level speakers and industry leading executives discuss the latest trends, network and build meaningful relationships.

This year’s event is curated to dress the most pressing points on the minds of top brands and retailers in the UK. Everyone is aware that the UK market is currently associated with dynamics such as volatility, disruption, and declining confidence and spending. As a result, there is a heightened sense of urgency to drive profitability. These conditions present an opportunity to brands and retailers to reassess, reinvigorate and streamline their end-to-end eCommerce proposition.

Over two days, we will be exploring what can be optimized across the customer journey to improve both customer experience and profitability under these changing market dynamics. On the first day, we will be sharing inspiration on the ‘small wins’ created by data-driven personalisation and conversion optimisation along the customer journey.

On the second day, we will look at the bigger picture, identifying the opportunities that the changing market dynamics in the UK are creating. Here, we will delve into the collision of online and offline and how to redefine what profitability of eCommerce looks like under this new norm. We will also look at how brands and retailers can expand their ownership and control of the value chain through data-driven strategies, value-driven consumption and service-based added value.

Join us at Savant eCommerce London for two days of inspirational and best-practice sharing content, relaxed and engaging networking, and to learn from some of the eCommerce market leaders in the industry!