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Marc Boroditsky, Sudesh Peram

Security Ain’t No Game– Hear How Twitch Implemented Authy for 2FA

Sep 2016

Twitch has added Twilio 2FA using the Authy service as a way for broadcasters and viewers to add additional security for their account. The online media giant has more than 100 million users that average a 20 hours of viewing per week as a result of their passion to deliver a highly pleasurable UX. Come to learn about their critical UX requirements and hear Product Manager, Sudesh Peram, share why they implemented 2FA, selected Authy and how they went about designing a simple 2FA experience.

Marc Boroditsky

Twilio VP & GM of Authentication

Marc Boroditsky is VP & GM of Authentication at Twilio following the acquisition...

Sudesh Peram

Twitch Product Manager

Twitch Product Manager


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