Smart Campus Conference

Join executives at Oral Roberts University as we cover what a Smart Campus is, examples of Smart Campuses, and the technology that makes up a Smart Campus.

We define a Smart Campus as a campus that utilizes technology in order to drive smarter decision making, connects and engages an entire campus, optimizes performance, and enhances the student experience.

There is no specific technology that makes up a Smart Campus, but rather the right combination and execution of various technologies that come together to create the optimal campus experience. These technologies can include Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data, use of mobile phones and apps, and Artificial Intelligence.

The goal of a Smart Campus is to create a state of the art campus, using cutting edge technology in order to connect, engage, drive better decisions, and give students the experience they expect from a college or university.

We encourage presidents, along with their teams, to join us as we discuss and collaborate about the Smart Campus – a campus designed for the future.