Startup Grind Conference 2016

Clayton Christensen, Marc Andreessen

Venture capital is abundant, opportunity is scarce

Feb 2016

Years after Clayton Christensen flipped Marc Andreessen’s world upside down, the two finally sat down for a conversation in Silicon Valley. Andreessen was taught the algebra of business: “If big companies are well run, startups can’t take them out.” You must wait until a company is poorly run to attack.

Christensen, with the publishing of bestseller Innovator’s Dilemma, taught the world “the calculus of business,” Andreessen complimented: “for my generation… flipped [the algebra of business] on its head.”

The two philosopher kings got personal with Startup Grind founder and CEO Derek Andersen, sharing how their own industries are being disrupted – kicking off with Christensen making a wish for Harvard to move to Silicon Valley, and if not that, inviting Andreessen to quit the venture betting game and do something productive: become a HBS professor.

Clayton Christensen

Professor at Harvard Business School & Founder and Advisor at Rose Park Advisors

Clayton Christensen is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at...

Marc Andreessen

General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz & Cofounder & Chairman at Ning Inc.

Marc Andreessen is an innovator and creator who pioneered a software category used...


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