TBD Conference

A global pandemic raging, looming mass unemployment, a fractured political landscape, economic disruption, restless new superpowers, and a delayed Adele album; the world has never seen this level of uncertainty before.

How do we navigate the new existence forming?

TBD (Technology. Behaviour. Data.) the only two-day conference specifically designed to help you focus, reframe and plan for what the foreseeable future (and a little bit further) brings your way.

The theme this year is ‘MOLLITIAM’ (pron: moll-ish-um), or ‘resilience’ in Latin. Why resilience? We believe January will be the key period when real resilience (rather than survival) will be needed because the future is about to push you and your customers hard again.

With its fast-paced, take-no-prisoners style and unique stage, TBD ‘MOLLITIAM‘ is a must for any executive who is looking to get the right information on a carefully curated collection of topics. We’re D.I.C.E. recommended and proud of it. Spread over two-mornings (you’re welcome), you will gain insights, knowledge and inspiration from a wide variety of experts, interesting people and change-makers.