TechCrunch Tel Aviv

The third time is a charm, Tel Aviv. After holding a Meetup + Pitch-off the last two years in Israel, TechCrunch is returning on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference. As much fun as networking on a roof facing the Mediterranean Sea is, we’re ready to dig deeper into the tech that is coming out of Israel, focusing on mobility.

The mobility industry is ripe for disruption. It is gaining speed in astonishing ways and Israeli tech is on the forefront. The underlying technology supporting the strides made in mobility is incredibly complex, testing the knowledge of the tech establishment. TechCrunch is up to the challenge, coming to Tel Aviv to talk on stage to industry leaders in this industry to learn where it is all going.

At TechCrunch Tel Aviv, we will focus on these types of technologies and beyond, all of which are compounding to change the mobility industry as we know it.

Aside from signature TechCrunch programming, our inaugural conference in Tel Aviv will feature a robust exhibition area where the cream of the startup crop will demo their products.