TEDx Thessaloniki

Michael Green

What makes a good society? A case study on Greece

Apr 2016

In his talk, Michael Green presents the findings of his research regarding the Social Progress Index in Greece. Traditionally, happiness is measured in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it is believed that the higher the GDP is, the happier the people are. This is not the case though. What he tells us is that money does not bring happiness. It is other factors that make a society happy, that make a society “good”.

In order to measure happiness, he takes into account three key areas of well-being, i.e. human basic needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity. His research showed that the position of Greece is relatively high in the Social Progress Index. Green tells his audience that social progress depends on our choices, not GDP, and urges everyone to “choose to live in good societies where everyone has the opportunity not just to survive, but to thrive”.

Michael Green

Michael Green is Executive Director of the Social Progress Imperative. An economist...


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