HackConf 2018

Aneta Petkova

Test Automation Frameworks: First Contact

Sep 2018

Engineers in any software company, even happy ones, decide at some point it’s time to start doing test automation. No, no, don’t think unit tests. And test automation is almost inevitably facilitated by some sort of test framework. Of course, there are many readily available ones, but every company and every business is different, so whatever you choose, you will need to carry out some modifications and upgrades. This talk will throw some light on the main things to consider, the pitfalls to avoid, and the shortcuts worth exploring. While the talk is mainly intended for engineers who have no experience writing test automation frameworks, it could be a nice comparative reference for those who have already been in the ring before. Given you feel adventurous, when you leave the conference, then you should start writing! Aneta is a software engineer with a strong belief that doing what you love, the way you love, is the key to productivity. Her focus is on functional automated testing and web applications. She’s been testing software for several different industries and now she’s making a return to FinTech as the QA Chapter Lead at SumUp.


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