SpringOne Platform 2018

Richard Moran

The Cloud Challenge

Sep 2018

In the digital age, everyone wants to get to the cloud, but why you want to go and the roads you take to get there are as important as the destination. Cost, compliance, operations, and security are just a few of the obstacles to be encountered along the way. We have many issues with our on-premises infrastructure and systems that drive us to the cloud. If we simply move things the way they are now, we will just re-create the problems of today at greater scale and at higher risk. We have to think differently, re-imagine our applications and change our approach to software design and development. It is only through these changes that we can consistently, frequently and securely deploy our applications, focus on the delivery of business value and realize the true potential of the cloud. This requires us to take a pattern-based approach that maximizes the development power of PaaS and the operational power of containers. The issues we face in going to the cloud are as much cultural as they are technical, which makes them that much harder to solve. Come hear how one financial services company is coming together by leveraging people, process and technology in new and innovative ways to tackle these problems and take on the cloud challenge.


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