The Next Web Conference 2016

Mikko Hypponen

The Cyber Arms Race Has Begun

May 2016

Computer security has gone through several distinct eras. Attacks morph and change every few years. However, the biggest changes we’ve seen have not been technical; they’ve been social. It’s all about the attackers and their motives. In order to survive, companies need to understand the risks they face.

What are the criminals attackers doing today? What about the hacktivists? And why do we see more and more malware written by governments? As connected devices open new opportunities for imagination, they also open up new opportunities for online attackers. How are we ever going to secure a billion new devices that will be going online over the next decade? And what can you do?

Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen is the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. He's been with the company...


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