Sónar+D: Creativity, Technology & Business 2018

Alexander Rose

Thinking 10,000 years ahead with The Long Now Foundation

Jun 2018

In 1996, writer Stewart Brand founded The Long Now Foundation with the aim of promoting long-term thinking as an antidote to the accelerated culture of our civilization. This project is intended to fight the short-term perspective, brief attention spans, planned obsolescence and fast consumerism that make things last only a few years.

At The Long Now Foundation, projects are planned in terms of centuries and patience is a value that pays off. These are a few outstanding projects of this organisation: 10,000 Year Clock, a clock intended to work with precision for ten thousand years, a prototype of which is exhibited at the Science Museum of London and a scale model is about to be completed in Texas; Long Bets, a forum to make long-term predictions about the future; the Rosetta Project, a digital library of human languages; or PanLex, the largest lexical database in the world, that could be used to create a translation machine for thousands of languages.

Long Now also organises conferences and seminars in order to provide tools that make long-term thinking something natural and not extraordinary.


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