The Women in Tech Summit

Kristin McPeak

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Oct 2016

The best ideas can come from people who view things through a different lens than our own. Inviting a software engineer into the design process, or welcoming a business analyst into a brainstorming session to come up with new marketing slogans, can yield great results. It takes courage to invite people into your established process and area of expertise, but the days of working in silos are over. It’s time to get collaborative!

The session will cover:

  • Why collaboration yields better result than working in silos
  • How to invite people into your domain without feeling challenged by their opinions The difference between collaborating and asking for feedback
  • Tips for setting up your workplace in a way that fosters collaboration (and how to do it on a shoestring budget)
  • How to turn collaboration into a habit
  • How to celebrate a successful collaboration, in a collaborative way

Kristin McPeak

Kristin McPeak has been working with teams to deliver thoughtful, creative, and...


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