The Women in Tech Summit

Ana Biazetti

From Hype to Insight

Oct 2016

The scale and rate of adoption of Internet of Things technologies is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and will cause massive changes and disruptions in business models across many industries. Understanding and anticipating the nature of these changes will be critical to surviving and succeeding in the coming tidal wave of sensor-driven data. Organizations across all industries need to recognize the value opportunity embedded within the Internet of Things. Whether you’re engineering new products or optimizing your industrial operations, it’s time to reinvent value with the Internet of Things Key Takeaways:
At the end of this session you should be able to:
– Articulate the main concepts and capabilities of the Internet of Things
– Identify real work scenarios from field experiences and industry solutions where IoT solutions provide Business Value
– Identify best practice processes and technologies to use for Internet of Things

Ana Biazetti

Ana Biazetti is a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM Analytics and Internet...


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