Henkel X & Grace – Accelerate female entrepreneurship want YOU! Unleash your talent at Europe’s biggest female rapid ideation Xathon on 15th -17th November, to hack female entrepreneurship!


We asked ourselves why only 14.6%1)  of all founders in Germany are female when there are so many female talents with the potential to become founders?

One of the main reasons we identified is that there are not enough role-models, often leading to a lack of confidencereluctance to take risks and a lack of the right ecosystem in place to change this. That is why Henkel X is hosting the Xathon together with Grace – Accelerate female entrepreneurship.

1) Female Founder Monitor, 2018

What does Xathon stand for?

Xathon is a platform for female talents to develop their entrepreneurship and shape their ideas. The Xathon invites all women who want to become shakers, shapers and entrepreneurs. The first Xathon will be launched from November 15th -17th in Berlin to unleash 150 selected female talents.

The goal is to create an as diverse, multi-facetted and perspective taking female Henkel X community as possible, to maximize impact and innovation.

How can I apply?

If you want to apply, please fill out the form sheet below and apply for the Xathon until October 6th. The Xathon selection process is based on the creativity and scalability of an already existing idea or on the powerful explanation of why the person is suitable to act as an entrepreneur.

Whats in for me?

There will be prizes that will help you in shaping and realizing your idea: spots at U-SchoolH-Farm Bootcamp, Grace – Accelerate female entrepreneurship Certificate, Facebook marketing support (for companies that will be founded after 12 month) and much more. Stay tuned for more!